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One of the most popular, low cost home business opportunities for those seeking multiple stream of passive income.

Certainly one of the most unknown and under-the-radar home business enterprises, the business of freelancing as a consultant in the factoring and alternative commercial finance industry almost stands alone as a career opportunity when gauged against almost all others. This is a career path that not only offers prestige and respectability, but exceptionally high income when measured against almost all other home-based enterprises. 

Complete broker training and support programs are available through the IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers.  (Learn More)

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These special WordPress sites contain a landing page with VIDEO Salesperson, a blog with three (3) sample articles to get you started, a special OFFER of a valuable booklet for lead-generation and when operating as part of our referral agents at IACFB.  Along with your IACFB Membership and our training, this is all you’ll need to be a success as a part time agent.   When you have selected a powerful Landing Page Template, simply write down the code and select the button below to set up your IACFB Membership.  These landing page websites are provided FREE as part of the IACFB’s Agent Boot Camp Training Program.  Click any image below to view the entire Landing Page.  You can also find out more at IACFB Academy or at the IACFB Magazine.


  • Select Your Template Number (SA-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,or 8)  and write it down
  • Click GREEN Button above 
  • Join IACFB
  • From the “Addons”, select FREE SA Template
  • Enter your PROMO Code if applicable
  • Enter your template number in “Addition Information” when checking out

We will have your Landing Page set up and provide you with your credentials to our Training Academy within 24 Hours.

Unlimited Potential

  • The PERFECT Home-Based  Part Time Business
  • You set your hours when time permits
  • Your Landing Page does the work.  IACFB closes your deals
  • No cold call or direct marketing
  • You are the “Broker of Record” and earn 10% of the Factoring Fees Earned
  • Monthly checks paid for the “Life of the Account”
  • Start at a part-time agent and grow your business to become a career consultant

A prestigious home business, easy to learn and with very minimal expense.  You will be in business under $100.