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Factoring Agent Website Instructions

Get Started! Learn Your Website's Feaures and Feature Access

Your new SA-Series Factoring Agent website is now operational and you should become familiar with it’s many features.  For those new to the industry and even if you plan to work on a very limitied time basis, your  keys to getting started in the industry are… 

  • Fully understanding your website and it’s operation
  • Ordering your business cards
  • Joining LinkedIn and other social media

While there is much more to learn about your new business as a financial consultant, the three bullet points above should be considered critical and you should spend your first few days accomplished these tasks. 

Boot Camp on the Magazine

Boot Camp on the IACFB’s Commercial Finance Consultants Magazine was expressly creatied for those new to the industry and entering as a “referrer” or a part-time professional.  If you do not have IACFB Academy consultant training access, Boot Camp is totally FREE and will guide you to success as you learn the industry.  Boot Camp requires LOGIN, but if you have not requested credentials, you can request them here.  YOU SHOULD LOG IN NOW.  We will refer you to articles in the Boot Camp below.

Basic Features of Your SA-Series Website

Your WordPress Platform Login

Your website is constructed using WordPress and as such, you are provided with a back office DASHBOARD.  Your dashboard provides you with complete control of the look, feel, and operation of your site. 

To LOGIN to your site’s dashboard, go to  Login with the ADMINISTRATOR credentials supplied to you from the email from DataMax.  Replace “yourdomin” with you actual website domain name.

When you have loggin successfully, you will see the dashboard and its many features,  Below are some important areas on the dashboard.

Included Marketing Video Content

Confirmation Page

ANNEX Mail Stuffers

Your WordPress Dashboard Basics

Your dashboard gives you control of your site and as a alternative commercial finance agent or consultant, you will be constantly adding content.  Below are brief expnations.  We will link to articles for more detail in the Boot Camp.  YOU SHOULD BE LOGGED IN TO BOOT CAMP.

POSTS:  These are articles you create.  For agents and referrers, articles will be one of your primary marketing ytoo tool.  We have provided you with 4-6 article samples to help you get started.  Click on POSTS now.  From the list, you can “View” any article.

MEDIA:  Media is where your site stores images.  If you want to add a new image to your site, you most first import a new image.  You can then add or change any image using Elementor.  Very easy.

PAGES:  These are the current web pages in your site.  You can add new pages (Ex. New Products) very easily with Elementor.

ELEMENTOR:  This is your “drag and drop” page editor and more.  It is a Plugin.  You have complete control of your site’s “look” with Elementor.

PLUGINS:  Plugins add certain functionality to WordPress sites.  There are tens of thousands of plugins available for your website.  

YOAST SEO:  Yoast is the industry’s most popular plugin for Search Engine Optimization.  If you want Google and search engines to rank your blog articles, you use Yoast.

PREMIUM ELEMENTOR ADDON:  This is a plugin we have added to your site for display for your articles.  It is also is a powerful addon for many other widgets for Elementor.

Special Marketing Pages and Features

VIDEO CONTENT:  Your SA-Series agent site includes a Video SalesPerson.  The video acts as a lead generator by dispensing a FREE booklet on factoring.

CONFIRMATION PAGE:  Your site includes a CONFIRMATION PAGE and it is located at  When a prospect requests your FREE booklet or any offer OR requests an application for financing through your website form, it displays this page where it can be downloaded as a PDF automatically.

INVITATION PAGE:  Your SA-Series site includes an INVITATION PAGE which is used to promote events that you are holding.  You can view this page at

MAIL STUFFER IMAGE:  All SA Series sites now include an image of a direct mail stuffer for branding.  These stuffers are available in the “ANNEX” in Factoring 202.  Along with an appropriate cover letter, these stuffers are the primary direct mail lead-generating tool for all commercial finance consultants but can also be used by referrers and agents if utilizing direct marketing in addition to networking.

LENDERS DIRECTORIES LISTING:  Your site is available for listing in the Directory of American Factors and Lenders.  This is a powerful marketing tool and also established “backlinks’ to your website for SEO.